rialynn: (You're a jerk)

Name: Rialynn Kollmann
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Canon: Original Character
Link to Application: Here!
Link to HMD: Here!
Link to Permission List: Here!

Moogle Name: Kunia
Moogle Gender: Female

Limit Break: Happily Ever After - Rialynn can orally narrate up to the previous five minutes of a battle, but alter a single critical event to affect a different 'character' of her choosing. Damage, healing, or status ailments are transferred from one person to another person or monster. This only affects one pair of beings, and one particular event. May or may not affect bosses depending on the severity of the event transfer. Can only be used once per day.
Example: A monster chooses to heal itself, while Greg the Hero is in bad shape. Rialynn would then tell the story of how Greg the Hero nobly fought the monster, but change the story: "Then the monster made a mistake, and accidentally healed Greg the Hero instead of itself! Perhaps it didn't get enough sleep the night before, but nonetheless, it gave Greg the Hero the strength he needed to get back on his feet and fight his foe bravely!" The hit points healed by the monster would be taken away again, transferred to Greg the Hero instead.
Blue Mage9 Months
Crystal Researcher4.5 Months
Scholar4.5 Months
White Mage7 Months
Blacksmith1 Month
Pirate0.5 Months
FreelancerOne Year
Gun Mage
Elite Trooper
Sky Pirate
EXP ORBExpires June 2017

InitialVictory FanfareA song that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when played at the end of a battle.
One MonthBattle SceneA song that boosts all allies' stats by 15% when played during a regular battle.
Two MonthsSpoony BardMakes the bard virtually invincible, but leaves them unable to do anything.
Three MonthsBoss ThemeA song that boosts all allies' stats by 30% when played during a boss battle.
Four MonthsLegendary MelodiesAllows to start learning Legendary Melodies.
Six MonthsTroubadourAllows stacking the effects of two songs.
Nine Months Soul VoiceDoubles the effects of non-legendary songs.
One Year Nameless SongA song that casts Regen, Protect, Shell, and Haste on all allies.
Hidden Truth Videotape Melodies of DeathAn otherworldly song that kills all those who hear it, allies and enemies alike.

Legendary Melodies
AvailableMognet CentralAllows Moogles to switch Jobs without requiring a downtime.
AvailableMelody of the CalamityDoubles all stats when fighting an Avatar or Agent of the Calamity.
AvailableYou're Not AloneAllows to use Limit Breaks with more health left than usual.
Ten MonthsSwing de ChocoboDoubles speed, attack power, and resistance of Chocobos.
One YearFighting FateTriples all stats when facing Hamsters.

Custom Songs
InitialMcBridesDoubles the speed statistic in battle.
Three MonthsTime's ScarEnhances the potential of Black Mages.
Seven MonthsValparaisoRestores the health of allies as long as the song is being played.
One YearWing StockDoubles physical attack and provides immunity to lightning attacks.

Blue Mage
SkeletonMagic BlowDrains the mental energy of an enemy.
SahaginMighty GuardDoubles the speed, magical & physical defense of all allies.
DragonBlack MeteoA far weaker yet still powerful version of the Meteor spell.
Long GuiQuakeCasts earthquake on the enemy party.
Iron GiantGrand SwordPowerful physical attack against all enemies.
Yellow ElementalTrineCasts a thunder attack (all enemies).
GeezardSplashMoves around and does nothing.
One Year - Monster #8???Locked.

Crystal Researcher
InitialSymbiosisReduces research time on a project to three months.
Five MonthsTeleportationLocked.
Twelve MonthsVanishLocked.
Twenty MonthsForsakenLocked.
Thirty MonthsGift of CrystallisLocked.
Forty MonthsJudgementLocked.
Fifty Months X-BanishLocked.
Sixty MonthsClass CreationLocked.
?????????? Job SwitchLocked.

InitialVictory PoseA dance that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when done at the end of a battle.
One MonthSlow DanceA dance that reduces the enemies' speed.
Two MonthsPolkaA dance that can poison the enemy.
Three MonthsWaltzA dance that can reduce an enemy's stats.
Four MonthsForbidden DanceA dance that inflicts a random status ailment.
Six MonthsDisillusionAllows to stack the effects to two dances.
Nine Months Soul MovesDoubles the effects of all dances.
One YearNameless DanceA song that casts Poison, Blind, Silence and Slow on all enemies.
?????????? Choreography of LifeAn otherworldly dance so beautiful, the dead come back to life to watch it.

Custom Dances
InitialCustom Dance #1Reduces Defense stat by 25%, reduces damage from Dark magic by 25%.
Three MonthsCustom Dance #2Reduces the job potential of Illusionists.
Seven MonthsCustom Dance #3Eliminates immunity to fire elemental attacks, and poisons the enemy.
One YearCustom Dance #4Halves the magic attack stat and eliminates immunity to water elemental attacks.

InitialLibraAllows to see an enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
InitialMad ScientistCasts a buff on an ally (+25% speed, agility, attack, magic, or defense).
One MonthFast ReadingReads and memorizes books three times faster than a normal human.
Two MonthsStats LoreDoubles the effects of items and buffs.
Four MonthsEnlightenmentDoubles the attack power of all allies.
Six MonthsElemental TomesLocked.
Nine Months FlareLocked.
One YearTranslatorLocked.

White Mage
InitialCureHeals minor wounds.
InitialEsunaCures status ailments.
One MonthProtect, ShellImproves an ally's resistance to physical or magical attacks.
Two MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds.
Three MonthsPrayerLessens exhaustion of nearby characters and grants them a random buff.
Four MonthsDivine CaressGrants resistance to status ailments (five minutes).
Six MonthsCuragaHeals major wounds.
Nine MonthsHolyLocked.
One Year LifeLocked.

InitialGun MageAllows to shoot spells and magic from the secondary Job with a firearm.
InitialDual WieldingAllows to wear two guns or a gun and another weapon.
One MonthCharge ShotFocus to double the power of the next attack.
Two MonthsStatus BulletShoots bullets that may inflict either Blind, Silence or Sleep status ailments.
Four MonthsTrigger HappyShoots in rapid succession regardless of ammo, but requires a downtime.
Six MonthsScattershotShoots all enemies at once regardless of gun type.
Nine Months Burst ShotShoots explosive bullets at the enemies.
One Year RibbonAutomatic immunity against all status ailments except Death.
Thanatos Bullet x 1 Death PenaltyEach shot has a 75% chance of instantly killing the target (except bosses).

InitialSmithingKnowledge to craft weapons and armors.
One MonthMagic HammerReduces the magic might of enemies.
Two MonthsTool BlastLocked.
Four MonthsHammer of GaeaLocked.
Six MonthsSynthesisLocked.
Nine Months Thor's HammerLocked.
One Year Crystal InfusionLocked.

InitialPiracyRegular attacks deal twice the damage.
One MonthPlunderLocked.
Two MonthsAdrenaline RushLocked.
Three MonthsBlack FlagLocked.
Four MonthsOn Board!Locked.
Six MonthsRum DietLocked.
Nine Months Rope's EndLocked.
One YearAmped StrikeLocked.
?????????? Davy Jones' LockerLocked.

One YearNothingN/A.
Three YearsUltimate IllusionLocked.
Six YearsFinal FantasyLocked.

One Maxed Job Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed Jobs Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.
Five Maxed Jobs Equipment Lore Can equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
Seven Maxed Jobs Double Exp Doubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.
Eight Maxed Jobs Stats Transfer Takes on the stats, strengths and weaknesses of three maxed out Jobs.
Nine Maxed Jobs Ten Skills Allows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs.
Ten Maxed Jobs Melodies of Life Awakens the true power of the Heroes of Light.



Initial Love Power A dance that allows allies to attack twice in a row.
Dancer Maxed Kung-Fu Fighting Enables the character to physically attack with Kung-Fu moves.
Bard Maxed Shattering Voice Enables the character to destroy glass and similar material with their voice.
Final Staying Alive Allows the character to remain alive so long as they sing a particular song.

Gun Mage
Initial Blue Bullet Casts blue magic through bullets.
Gunner Maxed Spiritual Ammo Shoots non-elemental magical bullets.
Blue Mage Maxed Enemy Wisdom Locked.
Final Fiend Hunter Locked.

Initial Mix Merges items to create different ones.
Scholar Maxed Crystal Maker Locked.
Blacksmith Maxed Mastery Locked.
Final Miracle Worker Locked.

Elite Trooper
Initial Flamethrower Equip a flamethrower in the wrist gauntlet.
Pirate Maxed Rocket Launcher Locked.
Blacksmith Maxed Whipcord Launcher Locked.
Final Jetpack Locked.

Sky Pirate
Initial Vigilance Immunizes to attacks from behind.
Pirate Maxed Shadow Stalk Locked.
Gunner Maxed Gun Blade Turns all swords into Gunblades.
Final Airship Locked.

Height: 5'3"
Build: Slim, but healthy. She's got a little muscle, and she has strong arms and legs that comes naturally from long days of traveling, swimming, running, and fencing.
Complexion: Maybe a shade or two darker than 'fair.' She gets a lot of sun, as evidenced by a couple of light freckles on her cheeks as well as her arms.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Auburn and straight, hanging an inch or two past shoulder-length. Her bangs are parted on the left side, angling at a slope to brush against the top edge of her eyebrow. She typically wears it long, with a bandanna tied around her forehead knotted at the back.
Dress: Depends on the occasion. When Rialynn is adventuring, her clothing is plain and fairly nondescript. She wears light brown trousers and brown leather boots folded over at the knee. She has a loose white blouse with voluminous sleeves, laced modestly in the front, and a pair of deerskin gloves that end just an inch or two past her wrists. When it's cold, she also dons a leather fur-lined vest and wears a green cloak of good wool. Her rapier is no noblewoman's weapon, but the craftsmanship is good, and she always wears it at her hip where it hangs from her belt. She keeps a few throwing knives hidden on her person in case of emergencies.
When performing as a bard, she wears bright colors, silk slippers, and full skirts, striving to look as elegant and ladylike as she's able. While she might do well to fix her hair to match the dress, she's stubborn about wearing that bandanna.

Equipment: Rapier, Throwing Knives (5), Leather Boots, Leather Gloves, Bandanna, Backpack, Lute, Panpipe, Kneeharp, Rations, Flint & Steel, Journal, Ink, Quill, Parchment, Lantern, Oil

Friendly Monster Encounters
Green Dragon - January 2016 - Boosted Freelancer
Magic Pot - March 2016 - Boosted Freelancer
Magic Pot - February 2017 - Boosted White Mage and Blue Mage

Blue Mage Monster Wishlist

Future Job Requests
Dragoon, Warrior
rialynn: (Nervous)
For the record, all things listed below are meant to detail her IC reactions, which probably won't be favorable. OOCly, go for it, because the dynamics are far more interesting that way.
Friendly hugs are fine. Flirtatious hugs will make her freeze up.
Kissing: She'll run for the hills, and absolutely does not want this.
Flirting: ...She needs to feed her horse. Give her time, she'll come back eventually.
Fighting: Definitely.
Injuring: Sure!
Killing: Just ask, but I'm OK with it!
Telepathy/Mind-reading: If it comes up, I don't mind.

Backtagging/Slow threading:
Threadjumping: Go for it, if the other person involved is okay with it!
Fourth-walling: Why not? If it's allowed, then I don't mind.

Heterosexual (but terrified)
Preferred fandom ships: N/A
Fandom ships I will play: N/A - But if for some reason you wanted to play an OC from her world, the one she winds up with is Oliver (the flirtatious pirate)
Fandom ships I'm uninterested in: N/A
Non-fandom ships: Good question. I'm open to it, if there's a lot of CR and build-up. While she's most comfortable around people who would never push her boundaries, she's also less likely to get over her fear of intimacy this way, and it would take a lot longer to come around. But feel free to plot things if you're interested!

I can't think of anything that would come up. Her story is your average low/mid fantasy PG-13 action adventure.
rialynn: (Son I am disappoint)

How's My Driving?

Even if she's an original character, I'm still very much open to critique! Am I contradicting myself anywhere? Is her character too shallow? What can I do to improve my RP? Fire away!
rialynn: (I'm not falling for that)
Name: Faetan
Age: 18+ (older than dirt)
Personal Journal: None
Contact: [plurk.com profile] faetan
Other In-Game Characters: Chrom, Elsa von Spielburg, Rukia Kuchiki

Character (Original Character)
Name: Rialynn Kollmann
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Canon: Original
Canon Point: N/A
World History: The lands that Rialynn is familiar with are greatly similar to Europe in the early 1600's. Machines are still fairly simple, and technology isn't particularly advanced. Humans are the dominant race in the world -- there are no prevalent dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. roaming about and living in harmony with humans, though there have been rumors that such beings exist.

Most of the countries are ruled by a monarch of some kind, with lesser nobles such as lords and earls dispatched to govern particular regions and cities as the king sees fit. Though the king has a Holy Man who worships a single god, it isn't uncommon to find a variety of multi-deity worshippers in the further fringes of the realm, or those who worship nature or spirits ruling some particular domain. The king himself is a devout worshipper of the Holy Man's religion, but has not enforced those same beliefs upon his people.

The cities and towns vary greatly depending on the nobles who govern them. Most are peaceful, with a rare few dominated by tyrants, particularly those on the borderlands far from the king's reach. The king himself tends to be fair, or at least believes himself to be, but he is also young and far from the image of the ideal ruler due to his inexperience. He's prone to rash decisions and is swayed by passionate arguments rather than logical ones. Nonetheless, he is generally favored by the people.

The world itself is as diverse in geography and cultures as Earth is, though for the sake of brevity, we'll stick with the kingdom Rialynn travels through: Chelix. It's similar to northern Europe in many ways, with thick forests, towering stretches of mountains, lush and verdant green fields, and the occasional dreadful fog-filled bogs rumored to hold the worst kinds of demons and beasts. Most people believe them to be rumors, but a healthy dose of superstition never hurt anyone, so they keep their distance.

Though most people aren't aware, the world is occasionally touched by supernatural beings and even several monsters, ranging from the commonly known werewolves and vampires, to lesser-known races such as lizardmen that build great hives and communities deep underground beneath the swamps and bogs. Rialynn has yet to encounter any sort of wicked supernatural being directly, but she definitely believes in them, and makes it a point to include at least one monster story when she performs at the inns and taverns in the towns she passes through so others are informed. Just in case. Humans themselves don't have any special powers or supernatural abilities.

In a nutshell, the world could best be described as mid-fantasy.

Character History: Rialynn was quite a handful for her poor single father when she was a child. It seemed that she was forever getting into places and situations where she didn't belong, though thankfully, most of the villagers didn't particularly mind. She wasn't a malicious child, merely curious, and if allowed to flood a person with questions, it was very easy to persuade her into assisting with duties and chores without pay. She usually got into trouble for running off toward the neighboring city to visit its library, and despite getting caught and punished repeatedly, she found that she just couldn't help herself. The city was loud and bustling and exciting, with numerous travelers frequenting the inns that were ripe with stories and tales to tell. Her father pleaded with her to take on a normal trade at home or at least attach herself to one of the village boys so she could enjoy a comfortable quiet life, and she did try to fulfill her father's wishes...but employment was found to be too repetitive and tedious, and the boys made her nervous. So back to town she'd go! Eventually her father was begrudgingly satisfied when she agreed to take up a job as a messenger/letter carrier, as it was at least some means of employment, and purchased her a sturdy brown mare to carry her from place to place. "It's cheaper than repairing all the boots you wear out," he told her.

She wound up befriending one young man in the city named Jaxon, initially drawn to him because she was interested in the fine sword that he carried. What started off as a few innocent questions became a highly interesting conversation. He was only too happy to relate a few tales to the curious sixteen-year-old, and even offered to teach her a few lessons in swordplay. She grew to love the rapier as a result, finding it an elegant weapon that she could easily use, and looked forward to their meetings in order to demonstrate how much she practiced. Jaxon was fun and easy for her to be around. He had a lot to talk about, and seemed far more knowledgeable than most other common citizens she talked with on an infrequent basis.

But that was because he wasn't a commoner at all. Jaxon was the eldest son of one of the local lords of the province, and the heir to a vast fortune as well as the title. He inherited both a few months later, and when next he and Rialynn met, he exposed his secret and informed her that he had already made the arrangements with her father: she was to be his lady, as he found her companionship agreeable and even entertaining. Her father was delighted at the news...far more delighted than Rialynn was. Suddenly her friend had changed into a suitor, and the abrupt shift was upsetting to her. Their comfortable conversations had become awkward, and she was no longer able to keep her composure around him. He was speaking of intimate things, reaching for her hand. He was never unkind, nor did he treat her like an object or possession, but she simply had no idea what to do around him anymore. His infatuation seemed disingenuous, for how could he claim to love her when he'd known her for such a short time?

So she fled.

She left a letter for her father, apologizing for the hastiness of her decision and thanking him for his kindness over the years, and she felt guilty for just leaving him without any warning. It made her feel selfish, for he surely would have been set for life had she agreed to marry a lord, but she couldn't overcome her extreme unease even for his sake. She left nothing for Jaxon, however, dropping him like a hot stone and endeavoring to avoid crossing his path in the future at all costs.

On the road, she picked up with an old bard, offering to serve as a traveling companion and helpmate in exchange for his stories and learning some of the tricks of the trade. It didn't take long at all for her curiosity to explode into enthusiastic fascination, and she knew immediately that she had to be a bard too. Nothing else could possibly suit her, she said, and for the next several months she served as his apprentice, learning music, acrobatics, dancing, and how to use a rapier and throwing knives to defend herself. She would cook the meals, he would spin the tales, and all was well until the day he died of an illness he'd been carrying for a very long while. Rialynn admits that those were the months of her life, and the bandanna she constantly wears on her brow is the same that he wore in all his performances as he claimed it gave him luck and courage. She believes that it carries a little of his spirit, and the keepsake is her most prized possession. She never goes on stage without it.

After that her time was spent roaming about the land, gathering more stories and songs for her repertoire, even occasionally engaging in adventures of her own when she fell in with a group of would-be heroes. Though she participated in these adventures just as much as any other member, mention of her own involvement is always absent or attributed to another party member when she tells or sings the tale.

During her times of travels, there was only one group she grew particularly attached to. A woman named Sabien Wallace, one year older than Rialynn and hailing from a family with five older brothers, had sought to earn a coveted position as one of the king's elite fighters and head a special squadron of female warriors that she herself planned to assemble and lead. No one took her seriously, and she was laughed off at the gates. Rialynn found the spirited and headstrong woman to be fascinating, and had a hunch that Sabien would one day grow to be very famous...one way or another. So she followed her, being handy enough with a rapier to earn Sabien's begrudging respect, to offer her support and encouragement in exchange for the chance to document some of Sabien's early adventures. It wasn't long at all before they grew to be fast friends, with Sabien became fairly well-known, notorious even, for landing the two of them into hot water on dozens of occasions. They always managed to find a way out of each sticky situation, with Sabien earning a little more fame and status each time, but for one occasion: the two stumbled upon a plot of the king's Holy Man to take the throne, ending the monarchy in exchange for a theocracy. Rialynn could have cared less about the political reasons, but she did kind of care about not getting killed when they were discovered and pursued by the holy man's templars. Fortunately for them, they stumbled into the encampment of three of the king's former elite guards. Now that there were five of them against the four templars, the fight was easily and quickly won, and the two girls were safe.

The ex-elite guards proved to be pleasant and entertaining company, with diverse personalities. The leader, a tall blonde man with a stoic and serious demeanor named Garyn, was fully supportive of Sabien's drive to command a legion of female agents of the crown. The second, Sarith, was formerly a templar before falling in with the king's elite guards after becoming disgusted with the political taint of his beloved religion. The third, Oliver, was a boisterous and jovial man who took great delight at teasing Rialynn, once he discovered her skittish behavior around flirtatious men, and was often the instigator that sent her flying toward the stables with her usual hastily-muttered escape excuse: "I need to feed my horse."

The three men had been driven from the king's service when they, too, chanced upon information that the Holy Man planned to overthrow the kingdom. The Holy Man reached the king first, telling him that the three guards instead were plotting against him, and thus exiling them from the service and the country. But the three were faithful to the crown, and swore to expose the plot. Sabien and Rialynn pledged to assist them -- Sabien would gain credibility in the eyes of the king if she played a crucial part in saving his life, and Rialynn, well...what else? She got to be part of the adventure of a lifetime.

Rialynn had a tendency to stray from the group after accomplishing any particularly important goals, for the sake of diversity, and also undertook a few solo missions to gather information. She didn't want to concentrate all her efforts on just one group of adventurers initially. But she found herself drifting back to them more and more often, sometimes completely on accident. Though she wakes up in Crystallis around the fourth or fifth meeting with Sabien and the former guards, another couple of months would have found her to be a permanent member of the group.

Personality: Rialynn is essentially a good-natured and happy sort of person. She enjoys a good laugh over a bad joke, and even when she's ranting about something that makes her angry, her wild gestures and over-the-top vocal intonations usually include a bemused grin. She's not easily offended, so it's rare for anything to truly piss her off. A hearty rant is about as far as she'll go, and she'll try to make her venting interesting to those who listen. She's almost always grinning, and gravitates almost instinctively towards others who possess a positive attitude.

Rialynn is a fairly charismatic individual, in that she can generally relate to her audience and get a feel for what people want: a tale of adventure, a sappy romance, a tragic song of unrequited love to drop a few tears into their steins... She has a knack for reading people and responding in kind in order to facilitate healthy relations. Her upbeat and positive mannerisms make her fairly pleasant as a companion, as she can usually discern between those who want to chat and those who prefer taciturn silence. She's hardly belligerent unless she feels the occasion to be so is wholly justified, and treats others with respect, avoiding sarcasm and condescension.

Ever since she was a child, Rialynn's been a curious person, only too eager to explore every last inch of every last thing she could find. Be it a tree, a building, or a person's past, she's eager to know it all, particularly if she can unearth a good tale or two. She loves to travel, and has been known to read for hours on end if she can find a book with a rich telling of the past or local legends. She can and will listen raptly to other storytellers, and has a keen memory for detail. But as soon as she feels she's learned everything she can, her wanderlust takes over, and she's soon on the road once more. Her wanderlust is strong, and she has a tough time staying in any one place for long periods of time.

In addition to her love for stories and dramatics, Rialynn's primary talents revolve around music. She can pick up new songs and instruments annoyingly quick, and has a good sense of rhythm and pitch. She occasionally writes her own melodies, but she prefers to perform the works of others. She's actually a bit of a nerd when it comes to music, and enjoys most anything so long as the lyrics aren't particularly crude or dreadful.

Not only does she love to hear the folk tales and adventures of others, Rialynn is eager to experience adventures of her own. She regularly falls into the company of fellow adventurers, whether it's due to safety in numbers when traveling from town to town, or to go exploring old castles and ruins for treasure, or to vanquish criminals and threats as necessary. If she manages to find a particularly famous hero or adventurer, she'll do everything in her power to secure an attachment to that person and write down their deeds of glory. If she's exceptionally impressed by the person, she may even compose a poem or a song for them. Needless to say, she's not at all interested in gathering money or treasure, or even enchanted weapons. It's far more interesting to see that weapon in the hands of someone else, and behold the great deeds they accomplish when so armed. Rialynn is motivated by the sheer experience, and because she feels so passionately about stories, legends, and heroes.

She fancies herself as particularly dedicated to her craft, and there's very little that can shake her once she sets her mind to something that would help further enrich her abilities as a bard. Rialynn tackles adventures and dangerous situations with a true swashbuckler's heart, sallying forth with a bold cry and drawing her rapier to defend herself and her companions. She exercises healthy caution when it's necessary, but when it's clear that a fight is in order, Rialynn won't shrink back or flinch for an instant.

Those who get to know Rialynn are often surprised to find how different she can be when she's not doing anything bard-related. Certainly she doesn't hesitate to question others and learn about who they are, but when people ask her the same questions, she grows startlingly shy and reserved. She has difficulty in talking about herself as a person, or in mentioning her own ordinary mundane experiences (or what she considers to be mundane). It's much easier for her to relate the experiences of others, as she considers herself to be more of a medium or a messenger rather than a 'central character' so to speak. On stage, she's vivacious and energetic, with a knack for capturing attention and engaging the imagination of the audience. Off stage, she's quiet, usually wearing a little smile as she observes and records.

Though Rialynn is an exquisite actress and storyteller, she is an absolutely awful liar. She couldn't win a game of poker to save her life, she's so bad at bluffing. Through her years of practicing to express the emotions that match the song or story she's conveying, she's lost her sense of regulation when she's OFF the stage, and every little emotion she carries is blatantly visible on her face. Rialynn's an honest person, not necessarily because it's the right thing to do, but because she knows of this blatant flaw. If everyone knows you're lying before you've even got the words out of your mouth, then why bother trying?

Despite her inability to bluff and knowing her inability to bluff, there's still one particular excuse she always falls back on when she's in an uncomfortable situation: "I need to feed my horse." This is her number one escape plan when dealing with flirtatious or overly-friendly men who make her nervous. Rialynn's never been good with romance or romantic commitments. She'll eat the stories up like crazy, and hang on every word of someone's tale of how they first met their significant other, but she has no idea how to handle herself in any similar situation of her own. She freezes up, she panics, and she flees as best she's able. Some of her former friends and companions have since joked that she must have one fat horse, and some feign flirtation just to watch her scurry frantically back to the stables in a flustered fit. As long as she and the flirter are friends, she'll come back eventually. Maybe.

Though she's had several adventure-mates in the past that she trusts and likes, the number that she would actually endeavor to keep in contact with can be counted on one hand. Rialynn's attachments tend to be very light, since she comes and goes on a whim, so there's usually not much time to get close to anybody. Admittedly, she prefers it that way. You can only glean so many stories and experiences from a person before they start getting the same from you, and as previously stated, Rialynn's severely uncomfortable about others showing any pointed interest in her. She considers herself very plain, and likes to be considered as plain. People should show more interest in the performance than the performer, in her opinion. It can take her a while to become friends, but once committed, she's compassionate and sweet, openly offering support and encouragement as well as loyalty and defense.

Rialynn also has a healthy respect for the supernatural. It doesn't matter how unlikely the truth of a village's local monster story happens to be; if there are precautions to take, she takes them. She has quite a collection of charms, dried herbs, and supposedly mystical incantations to be recited for protection or to ward off evil. None of them are inherently magical themselves, as magic artifacts are extraordinarily rare, but she tends to keep them anyway. Just in case. She's superstitious almost to the point of being gullible about it, because hey, better safe than sorry! So that means no looking into mirrors at night, always traveling with a pouch of salt, paying respect to the shrines of local deities, and occasionally leaving out honey-soaked bread to attract the protection and favor of benevolent spirits. If you asked her what religion she practiced, she would promptly reply 'all of them.' She follows the customs of whatever village she's in, or whatever group she's traveling with.

Third-Person Sample: She never would have suspected that the librarians were part of a secret, evil cult. That just wasn't the sort of thing librarians did. The four elderly women were harsh with the patrons, comically so, sternly dictating behavior and confiscating any personal effects they believed to be distracting to library patrons or potentially damaging to the books. Rialynn had visited the library a couple of times in the past to research some old legends and folklore for use in her stories, and had managed to avoid drawing undue negative attention to herself. They'd watched her closely down the bridges of their noses, or over the top of their half-cut spectacles, but they never did anything that would have marked them as evil in anyone's eyes.

But the library was where the evidence had led Sabien's investigation, and Rialynn had volunteered to help since she was familiar with the place. When the moon was full, she'd observed for herself that a few hooded figures had slipped through the front doors. The light of their lanterns only illuminated the windows for a few moments before they disappeared, and she could only conclude that there had to be a secret passage hidden somewhere in the building.

Her first day of infiltration had yielded no results. She scoured the walls of books looking for any particular tome or volume that stood out, or seemed uncharacteristically misplaced. That was how these things worked in the stories, right? Remove the false book from a shelf, or tip a candle holder, and a secret passage would swing right open. But as large as the building was, there were thousands upon thousands of books she could try. If she were to make her way along the wall, manhandling every leatherbound tome on every shelf, she definitely would have drawn suspicion. It felt as if they were boring knives into her back as it stood with their steely stares.

Rialynn didn't know if it was luck or divinity that played a part in her discovery. Placing a new stack of books onto the table sent a small tremor through the thick wood, and the cork stopper of her inkwell went rolling onto the floor. She chased after it, kneeling to pick up the runaway object when she noticed that the tips of her hair and the edges of her bandanna tails were being stirred by a light breeze. She stilled. Her fingers moved slowly, speculatively, until she could feel the source of the breeze. It was coming from an open knot in the floorboard where a warm draft was pushed through.

She felt like a fool. There was no secret passage in the walls, it was just an ordinary trap door, likely covered by the carpet and tables. That shouldn't have been disappointing to her, but she'd really wanted to find a revolving bookshelf or hidden doorway. Still, if the trap door led to some secret mazes or catacombs, that might be exciting.

The sternest member of the librarians, Maxine, was leveling a hard stare at her. Rialynn stood to her feet, pretending not to notice she was being observed, and returned to the table. She could transcribe notes for about an hour, but she knew she wouldn't be able to really concentrate. She'd found a great secret! Now all that remained was to tell the others.

Picking a book on swamp fauna and flora, she started writing down anything that sprang to mind. But she'd only got half a page written before she felt someone standing at her shoulder.

Rialynn raised her head. Maxine and Jan were frowning down at her. She blinked, hazel eyes flicking from woman to woman. Had she been discovered? Did they suspect?

"Do you have a pass for that book?" Jan jabbed a thin finger at the open pages. Rialynn dropped her gaze, trying not to swallow, then lifted it again.

"I... No? Do I need one?"

"You have to have a pass! Signed by the Leckman Nature Society!" Jan slammed the book shut, and Rialynn jumped in her chair. So did several other patrons, now turning to stare wide-eyed at the sudden altercation.

"I'm sorry?"

Jan snatched up the book, and Maxine sneered. "Too late for sorries now. Get out! And don't come back without a pass! A pink pass! Signed!"

Hastily she gathered up her papers, quill, and inkpot. She jumped from her seat and scampered toward the door, but Zelda interposed. The young bard hesitated, looking at the tall woman who took hold of Rialynn's shoulder, turned her, and pushed.

"No, you don't get to use the front door. You use the side door. That way!" She thrust her finger toward one of the study rooms, dark and musty. A little bit of light filtered in from a thin horizontal window near the ceiling, showing that there was indeed a side door standing open, leading to one of the outlying study chambers. "That's what you deserve for not showing up with a pass!"

Well, the sooner she could leave, the better, so she didn't argue. Rialynn bobbed her head in meek deference, and walked as fast as she could to get away from the furious penetrating gazes of the librarians. She walked briskly into the chamber, gaze fixed on the exit just in front of her.

Halfway through the dark room, the door separating the study from the rest of the library slammed shut. Rialynn whirled around, her heart in her throat. Wait a minute. How did it close, if there was no one even near the door? What could--

The floor dropped beneath her boots, and she plummeted into darkness before she could even gasp her surprise.

Mognet Sample:
Hello, Fellow Adventurers! I don't know how many of you looked at the quest board recently, but there have been rumors about an unusually large number of sahagin gathering near the eastern ocean. I'd like to take a look, but I know better than to go running off on my own, especially if the monsters are as numerous as the quest poster seems to suggest.

Would anyone be interested in taking on the quest together? Ideally I'd like at least three people, but the more the merrier. I don't even want a cut of the reward. As long as you don't mind having someone there to take note of the events and maybe turn it into a tavern tale, I'll gladly lend you my own skills and abilities.

I hope to hear from you soon. I'm looking forward to our next adventure!

~R. Kollmann

Moogle Name: Kuponia
Moogle Gender: Female
First Job: None (Freelancer)
Second Job: N/A
Limit Break: Happily Ever After - Rialynn can orally narrate up to the previous five minutes of a battle, but alter a single critical event to affect a different 'character' of her choosing. Damage, healing, or status ailments are transferred from one person to another person or monster. This only affects one pair of beings, and one particular event. May or may not affect bosses depending on the severity of the event transfer. Can only be used once per day.
Example: A monster chooses to heal itself, while Greg the Hero is in bad shape. Rialynn would then tell the story of how Greg the Hero nobly fought the monster, but change the story: "Then the monster made a mistake, and accidentally healed Greg the Hero instead of itself! Perhaps it didn't get enough sleep the night before, but nonetheless, it gave Greg the Hero the strength he needed to get back on his feet and fight his foe bravely!" The hit points healed by the monster would be taken away again, transferred to Greg the Hero instead.


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